About Us


Though still in its infancy, Inspired By Others has partnered with the OU Foundation to raise funds for and award IBO’s very first, the Jerod R. Dennis Scholarship. Hopefully many more college scholarships to come!

Your Role

 Think of that one person who inspired you to get up when you felt like you were down. Think of that one person who inspired you to do the impossible. Think of that person who flipped a switch for you and your life. Pay that inspiration forward by giving to the Jerod R. Dennis Scholarship in their name. 

The Big Picture

  We are joining forces with generous people like you to extend the legacy of success for not only a few, but for many. While our current sole focus is the Jerod R. Dennis Scholarship, we are perfecting our methods of accepting and remitting donations and hope to offer a variety of scholarship options in the future.


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